22 industrial sets meet at a B2B networking gala dinner talk show


The Newest Gala Dinners

Networking Talk Show Format

Set 1: Real Estate. Building & Construction b2b, Architecture, Builder, Architects, Real Estate Agents + Lawyers+ Mortgage banks + HR + RE services...


Set 2: Medical & Pharma, Science & Research, Wellness, Health & Fitness, Doctors, Pharmacist, Researcher + Services + Insurance 


Set 3: Industrial Engineering, Power & Energy, Environment & Waste, Engineer, Energy Specialist, Environmentalist.


Set 4: Entertainment & Media, Arts & Crafts, Fashion & Beauty, Director, Artist, Fashion Designer.


Set 5: Education & Training, IT & Technology, Banking & Finance, Analyst, Accountant, Client Services Manager.


Set 6: Food & Beverages, Hospitality, Travel & Tourism, Chef, Waiter, Tour Guide.


Set 7: Security & Defense, Law Enforcement, Emergency Services, Security Officer, Police Officer, Firefighter.


Set 8: Auto & Automotive, Logistics & Transportation, Packing & Packaging, Mechanic, Logistician, Packer.


Set 9: Finance & Accounting, Legal Services, Consulting, Financial Analyst, Lawyer, Consultant.


Set 10: Agriculture & Forestry, Animal Care, Environmental Science, Farmer, Veterinarian, Environmental Scientist.


Set 11 ... Set 22:

Every first Monday of each month is for the Real Estate set b2b networking talk show,
Every first Tuesday of each month is for a Pharma set b2b
networking talk show,
Every Wednesday of each month hosts an event for the Food set b2b
networking talk show.

In total, there are 22 events for each working day of the month, each representing one of 22 different industry sets. Each industrial set has a monthly occurrence, resulting in 12 events per year for each set.

AI MatchMaking

TV Lobby

Event Web Frame


Instant Media Flow

Instant Paparazzi

On screen QR-code onboarding & AI-matchmaking

#IntroduceME talk show

We conduct a networking talk show where the host displays the guest's business card on screen and interviews each guest on stage in front of other guests, inquiring about their background, value they offer, and interests.

SecondScreen Networking Technology

Following the photographer's flash, the guest's photo:

  • Instantly displays on a large screen.
  • Is instantly branded with the event's watermark.
  • Becomes instantly available on the guest's phone via QR for sharing on their social networks.

GITEX 2023 

GITEX 2023 

GITEX 2023 



GITEX 2023 

GITEX 2023 

GITEX 2023 

GITEX 2023 

GITEX 2023 

GITEX 2023 

Paparazzi Instant Photo Technology

Sponsors Watermark Technology

TV lobby realtime technology

TV-Lobby REELS. 30 event-branded instantly in attendees' phones

AI creates chats between attendees, introducing them with interaction ideas as ice-breakers for easy further acquaintance



AI intro

AI Matchmaking Technology


2 nov 23, Media Rotana Event (2-4 hours)

1) Paparazzi tech: Photo flow MediaWall + Photographer + Logo Watermarked photos =  2000 AED


2) Talk show "IntroduceME, Rotana" = 2000 AED


3) TV Lobby Special: 20-30 TV-event-branded small talk interviews (16:9 & REELS, instantly transferred to attendees' phones) at an exclusive rate of 5000 AED


4) Sax Girl = 1500 AED

5) Magician = 2500 AED

6) Wine Casino = *complimentarily

IntroduceMe b2b talk show gala dinner

By MeYou

IntroduceMe b2b talk show gala dinner

Discover a dynamic presentation with interactive features like polls and Q&A. Engage with the audience through improvisation and learn about AI intros. Explore the requirements for a successful stage setup in a bar. Exciting and informative!

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