School Talk Show Format

Connecting teenagers by interest

Improvisation with the audience

Introducing + Improvisation = IntroVisation

Meeting people at Five, and I'll be back

Improvisation with the audience

#IntroduceMe Case

Small ball room


Introducing Interface

No app, Web-based onboarding via QR-code on screen

Showcasing SecondScreen Technology

Photos on screens & guest's phones

Showcasing Paparazzi Technology

Using vanity, guests share watermarked 'mcgettigans' photos with themselves on Instagram

Meeting people at McGettigans, and I'll be back

AI creates chats between show attendees, introducing them with interaction ideas as ice-breakers for easy further acquaintance



AI intro

Showcasing AI Technology

Win-Win offer

149 AED*


2 drink

1 dish

#IntroduceME Tonight Show

Every Tuesday 7pm-9pm

*We retain 40% of the revenue

On our side: SecondScreen + Paparazzi photowall + AI technologies, Centro branded interfaces, expenses for a photographer, and the execution of the show with an English-speaking host.

2x129 AED*

for two

2 drink

1 dish

Next Menu

Custom Corporate MICE Bar hosted Show

IntroduceME, DU

Weekly Talk Show

IntroduceMe, Mike

Bar Gala Dinner show

IntroduceMe, GITEX


Features for the script include audience voting on screen, Q&A, networking and lead generation, and 'paparazzi' for instant branded photos of guests on their phones

Next: Late Night Bar Talk Show

Celebrity-led format with guest introductions and on-stage improvisation with a co-host, recorded as a YouTube show

Who we are

We are innovative IT Event tech company for 1500 conferences, exhibitions, MICE, awards events, based in Dubai. Our exclusive and innovative IT solutions include:

#Second Screen technology for facilitating networking, introductions, and interactions at business events and conferences by using big stage screens. Check meyou.id

#Expochats technology, a mobile follow-up tool for exhibition and venue visitors, employs AI to stimulate communication between attendees and exhibitors, allowing for easy connection and follow-up. Check expochats.meyou.id

#Realtime.media technology that allows the instantaneous generation of TV-branded interviews for PR, brand awareness, and event coverage, without the need for post-production. Check Realtime.media

Our nine-year journey in fostering business networking interactions has seen us collaborate with over 1,500 major local and international brands.


Our relocation to Dubai reflects our belief in the city's potential as a global hub for innovative developments in DevOps and beyond.


Media Center

Media Centres

AI MatchMaking

Instant Paparazzi


TV Lobby

Interview > WhatsApp


  • BAR Standup
  • Hotels Dinner



  • GALA Dinner / AfterParty Expo
  • UNIVERCITY networking
  • DIASPORA event
  • MIX industries event


  • CELEBRITY introduce attendees

IntroduceMe.Show School

By MeYou

IntroduceMe.Show School

Discover a dynamic presentation with interactive features like polls and Q&A. Engage with the audience through improvisation and learn about AI intros. Explore the requirements for a successful stage setup in a bar. Exciting and informative!

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