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AI MatchMaking

Sell 1000 Leads

Remote colleagues assist at stand

Total Possible Number of unique lead chats, if n = number of participants, paired by Artificial Intellect

* For orgs: upsale bundles of visitors lead chats to each stand, examples:

100 Lead chats bundle for 1000AED

1000 Lead chats bundle for 10000AED



* For visitors: it offers both a follow-up notepad and opportunities to engage with AI-facilitated introductions





n = attendees Potential Acquintance Pairs
100 (Wedding) 4.950
200 (Conference) 19.900
500 (Big conf) 124.750
1000 (small expo) 499.500
1400 (stadium) 1mln+

Artificial Intelligence

* The AI pairs strangers


* Collaboration ideas

as ice-breakers

Following the photographer's flash, the guest's photo:

  • Instantly displays on a large screen.
  • Is instantly branded with the event's watermark.
  • Becomes instantly available on the guest's phone via QR for sharing on their social networks.

GITEX 2023 

GITEX 2023 

GITEX 2023 



GITEX 2023 

GITEX 2023 

GITEX 2023 

GITEX 2023 

GITEX 2023 

GITEX 2023 


for share

Paparazzi Technology delivers simultaneous instant Sending to phones with Sponsor- watermarked 1000 photos for Social Media Sharing, Screen Display and Expochats Onboarding

Paparazzi:  1000 Instant sponsor-branded photos for vanity-driven social sharing / expochats onboarding

Paparazzi:  1000 Instant sponsor-branded photos for vanity-driven social sharing / expochats onboarding

* Instant 1000 photos in 1000 attendee phones and on screens

* Upsell Watermarks & logo branding


  • Not an mobile app

  • No sign up


  • No contacts collection

  • Works in any mobile browser



  • Through QR + QRLobby
  • via mailing list in advance
  • via paparazzi

  • Matchmaking by AI
  • Mutual follow-ups as chats

  • Chats with leads visible to the entire company
  • Not expenses, but sell Bundles of 100, 300, 500 chats with leads






Every conversation was saved with details




Q & A




1. Save details:

Chats-follow-ups with photos after dozens of acquaintances 



2. Contact exchange

I will not give the phone number to spam, here is an email / do not have business cards / left - did not write



3. The right connection:

Give me the contact of the commercial director? / who is in charge of purchasing? / no one is available



А. Ценность для посетителя

А. Ценность для посетителя

A. Visitor values

А. The visitor's options

  • Save acquaintances details

  • Show your QR business card

  • Attach a  business card photo

  • Take a products photo

  • Ask questions to the team in chat

  • Send email, phone

  • Go to WhatsApp


D. Onboarding

7. Via QR-Lobby

9. Via Paparazzi onboarding



8. Via Exhibitors QR

B. Exhibitor Values

4. "CRM" of all the team's acquaintances:

A list of follow-ups of the entire team



5. The whole company is visible:

The booth team sees all of each other's chats + the office sees too and assists remotely



6. Lead Generation:

Keep communication going, explain, sell in chats


B. The exhibitor's options

  • See all chats: own and the team's

  • Add colleagues from the office

  • Assist the team from the office

  • Show your QR business cards

  • Collect chats with leads

  • Engage in lead generation


A + B. What gives both: visitor 

End of the day:



Visitor has:

- dozens lead follow-ups 


Exhibitor's team has:
- hundreds lead follow-ups


 & exhibitor?

C. Organiser Values

14. Visitors networking. Matchmaking by AI:

Artificial Intelligence introduce strangers together at a trade show

13. Upsales bundles of leads to each stand:

Bundles of 100 Chats for 1000$

Bundles of 300 Chats for 3000$

Bundles of 500 Chats for 5000$




15. Sponsor. Branded Photo to phone:

Sponsor logos on hundreds of attendee photos. Attendees boast their branded photo in Linkedin, Insta... due to its instant appearance on their mobile

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En Expochats Promo

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