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  • Divide y vencerás, o cómo dividir las experiencias de tu web app en micro-frontends

    Probablemente has escuchado hablar sobre microservicios, como una técnica para mejorar la escalabilidad de tu backend monolítico al partirlo en servicios independientes. Pero aunque esta técnica actualmente está siendo muy utilizada, muchos de estos microservicios AÚN siguen consumiéndose por una única UI monolítica. El problema a resolver en el front-end parece ser similar, pero, podemos aplicar la misma solución? En esta charla, vamos a poner sobre la mesa los desafíos reales que requieren una solución utilizando micro-frontends. Luego, vamos a explicar la estrategia de UI Domains para “dividir a la bestia’, y algunas herramientas que puedes utilizar para simplificar la implementación de tu web app.

  • Why being lazy is being smart with Azure Logic Apps

    With Azure Logic Apps, you can quickly build scalable workflows that integrate apps and data of several cloud services and on-premises systems. With 200+ connectors available, the possibilities are huge but, how easy is to build and maintain these integrations? And how much do you really save by using this tool vs. your own custom code? In this session, we are going to show through a simple set of examples how easy, but yet powerful, this service is. And to explore different ideas with the audience to automate your daily tasks using this Azure service.

  • Cómo elegir entre Angular y React para tu próxima aplicación

  • 6 razones para elegir React

  • Design-first APIs with OAS

    Ready to learn new stuff? If you are modeling APIs using Google docs, this talk IS FOR YOU. You’ll learn how to design your APIs from scratch with OAS, and all the bonuses you could get without adding a single line of code: a mocked service, autogenerated code & docs, API testing, etc.

  • TypeScript ❤ React

    TypeScript provides enormous help for creating large JavaScript applications, by assisting developers to communicate better and detect errors. ReactJS was created to simplify the development of web-applications, providing rendering speed and scalability. Can we use both together? Yes! This talk is focused on showing how easy is to build large applications with React and TypeScript and the benefits you, your app and the consumers of it will get by combining these two powerful tools.

  • World APIfication with Azure API Management

    Today, all big players like Amazon, Google and Azure provide us an API Management solution that we can use to productize our data and services within minutes, removing the friction of integrating all our services deployed in the (public) cloud or on-premise. Not only that, these solutions also help us to decide how to manage each part of the ecosystem, allowing developers of a company (or not) to discover and use all available tools in a secure and unified way. In this talk, we are going to talk about the use cases that require an API Management solution, which will help you to create and maintain consistent API ecosystem for your company or integrated with the rest of the world.

  • How to build the Status API of your microservices ecosystem

    There are a number of things you need to know after your service goes to Production. The most simple and important one: is it working? And if it's not, where is the problem? Since these questions apply to all the services in your ecosystem and how they interact with each other, you might want to know this quickly and easily. But, more importantly, you want to design & implement this in a simple and secure way. In this talk, I'm going to talk about real-life examples that made us realize why this is important. And some of the tools we are using (and building) to know this real-time.

  • Why you should (not) build a reusable components library for your company

    Everything starts with a good idea, but it takes a lot of work to make it shine. And when you do it, and people start using it, you feel the need to take it to the next level. And so on, maintaining at the same time what is working in production. In this talk, I will share the lessons learnt of designing a reusable components library with React, that led us to redefine the entire UI development process and front-end architecture @ MuleSoft.

  • Microservicios en todos lados


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  • Let's microservice all the things

  • What we do @ Mulesoft with node.js

  • React @ MuleSoft