React @ MuleSoft

Nano Vazquez



Big Data

Arranca el Martes 5 de Julio 19-21hs y el Miércoles 6 de Julio 9-11hs


  • Why are we using React?

  • What are the key benefits?

    ...and how we are fixing the problems

  • Our initial results and conclusions


  • 2nd part: Mule match

Why are we using React?

New stuff of new stuff

Easier to say than done

The scenario

September 2015

December 2015

January 2016

Present day


Release day

So, what have we learned?


Code styles & conventions

Patterns & practices

Dev environment, promotion & tooling

T-Shirt time

Some final initial conclusions

Why are we using React?

Don't overdo it
(especially new things)

Usual patterns & best practices don't change


React @ MuleSoft

By Mariano Vazquez

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