Pen & Paper!

Pen & Paper!

Pen & Paper!

...and several others


A Deck of Cards

27 Card Trick
(Information Encoding, Binary)

De-Bruijn Card Trick
(De-Bruijn Sequences, Euler Tours)

Gilbreath Shuffle

(combinatorial properties of permutations)

Hummer Shuffle

(combinatorial properties of permutations)

Fractal Sequences

(properties of sequences)

Permutation Puzzles

Course & Book
Cubelelo (for cube-related puzzles) · Gilliard Games (for 15-puzzles)

Wooden Blocks

Useful for: unstacking game (strong induction); one-way bridge (sequences and series)

Utilities Puzzle Mug

(can easily be custom printed also.)

Towers of Hanoi


Conway's Checkers

(fun with quadratic equation, golden ratio, monovariants)


(Note: any collection of tokens and a board will do.)

Braess’ Paradox

materials: springs, weights

Mathematical Art
by Henry Segerman

Mathematical Art
by Henry Segerman

Mathematical Art
by Henry Segerman

...and lots more.


Tantrix is a hexagonal tile-based abstract game invented by Mike McManaway from New Zealand. Each of the 56 different tiles in the set contains three lines, going from one edge of the tile to another. No two lines on a tile have the same colour. There are four colours in the set: red, yellow, blue, and green. No two tiles are identical, and each is individually numbered from 1 through 56.

Prime Climb

Prime Climb is a perfect game for ages 10+ (or 8+ with adult guidance) to explore mathematical structure in multiplication, division, and prime numbers in a fast-paced, dynamic game of strategy and luck.

(also featuring other games and materials)

Official Website · Amazon · Wikipedia

marble-powered computers demonstrating logic.

Galton Board

Jack in the Box Puzzle

Klien Bottle

List of Math Games and Activities

By Neeldhara Misra

List of Math Games and Activities

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