October 31, 2022 to November 5, 2022

CS Research 101

- We've appreciated the importance of research; started assessing fit.


- We want to get started--liked a few courses.


- We are also understanding what value system + skill-set will benefit even before starting any research

Where are we in our journey?

To break out of the romantic view of research


What matters is what you do, and probably not what you lnow. Demonstrate with projects.


A researcher is like an entrepreneur. They are their own boss. Taking initiatives is a great way to exercise this skill.


That phd research is a challenging and tough for everyone. We must keep looking for new problems and try to find answers to them

your recap

Course is moving slowly


I want the complete road map from research start to completion by using an example. Like what papers to read at every stage like that and complete procdure like what to do for paper submission in journal etc

some feedback

Can you please address the issue of isolation in research and PhD. What is the coping mechanism. How to know if this mode of working alone is for us? Are there any red flags which help us decide whether we are made for it or we have the strength to survive it

some feedback

Train yourself to be independent.


Train yourself to be a problem-solver


Train yourself to think and produce knowledge

taking initiative

"What does qualify as "good" research? I mean there are papers which target very specific domains and have practically no use.

Should it have an out-of-the-box idea or something like that which can actually imapct the world?"

taking initiative: WHY

End of the day -


what matters is what bothers YOU and how YOU can solve it

taking initiative: WHY

Research takes time.


Be prepared to set yourself realistic expectations.

managing courses vs research

Have a webpage. Important!


Use that as a place to show-off your work--no matter how modest your attempts are.


Doesn't matter.


Sometimes it's deliberate


Most times, it's just random.

what area to start off with?

Unfortunately, this can be a solitary pursuit. Important to find a community


Best way to know if you'll enjoy this is by trying out an RA stint

impostor syndrome and loneliness

Doesn't matter.


Sometimes it's deliberate


Most times, it's just random.

what area to start off in?

Your ability to communicate matters.


Practice by writing.

- Github issues

- Stackover posts

- Other technical discussion forums


Use grammar correction tools to improve.



I, XYZ, am a Research Engineer-AI at ABC. I am looking to apply for the Ph.D. program in EECS at your university.

I am writing to you to inquire about the Information on your lab. I have been conducting research on Deep Learning and its application: .

I have read several publications from your lab and I think the research being carried out at the lab interests me enough to pursue a Ph.D. I wanted to learn more about the lab and its members. Specifically, how often do members meet with the advisor and with one another? What are the expectations of the advisor in terms of results and publications? What should be the profile of a potential candidate willing to join the lab?

Please find attached is my CV for your reference and I would be happy to answer any further questions you may have.


Dear Sir/Madam,

I hope you are doing well. I am ABC, an undergraduate computer engineering student at XYZ. My research interest focuses on adversarial machine learning, federated learning, and AI for cyber threat detection. I have worked on multiple research topics like data poisoning attacks, differential privacy, federated learning, gradient leakage attack, and have published papers at international conferences and journals.

I found the projects in your lab very much relevant to my previous research works. I am looking for a 6-month research internship (Jan - July) in your lab. Earlier I had a research internship offer from one US university but due to the COVID situation, it got revoked a few days ago. I had some industrial offers but since I wanted to pursue research I denied them. Since my research internship got canceled, at this time, I am very much in need of an internship. I have attached my CV for your reference. Working with various professors, I have developed strong research experience which will be surely an asset for your Lab. I am looking forward to hear from you.



other basic systems skills


Linux-like environments

Git, version control

Literature search

Meeting notes


Latex **

Graphics software **

Reading papers **

CS Research 101: Part 3

By Neeldhara Misra

CS Research 101: Part 3

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