Crypto Castle Symposium 2021


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The result of international cooperation of crypto communities

Why CCS21?

  • A radical erosion of our freedoms and rights In the pandemic era of 2021
  • A total loss of financial privacy, restrictions on the movement of people, and widespread spying on them.
  • The Crypto Castle Symposium “unDystopia” is not just a desperate call for help; it is a constructive gathering of freedom-loving people who believe that crypto technologies can stop the gradual loss of privacy and offer a new personal and economic freedom

CCS21 manifesto

The World is a Beautiful Place”
by Lawrence Ferlinghetti (1955)

Oh the world is a beautiful place to be born into
if you don’t much mind a few dead minds
in the higher places or a bomb or two
now and then in your upturned faces
or such other improprieties
as our Name Brand society is prey to
with its men of distinction and its men of extinction
and its priests
and other patrolmen
and its various segregations and congressional investigations


The world is such a beautiful place, if you don’t mind obsolete authoritarian hierarchical systems and their representatives. Unpredicted events result in freedom restrictions, enforced by the mainstream society that ignores that we are in a dystopian direction. Guided by the oligopoly of a few Internet corporations, whose employees, alongside with censors and regulators, lead a free society to a doom.

What are the tools to bypass this? How can crypto help us create an unDystopian world? How do we protect freedom?


our top speakers!

  • Who recognize the gravity of this desperate situation
  • Who are working on liberalizing solutions for greater freedom
  • Who came to Crypto Castle to join our conference

Speakers I

  • Paul Rosenberg - Dystopia Interrupted
  • Alexander Bard - Exodus to a Protopian Society
  • Amir Taaki and Ivan “Parazyd” - The Second Coming of the Dark Renaissance: Agorist Crypto Economics
  • Peter Todd - Epidemiological Data Collection and Proofs
  • Joel Dietz - Technology of Freedom.
  • Juraj Bednár - Make Bitcoin Peer to Peer
  • Max Hillebrand - The History of The Future of Bitcoin Privacy
  • Pavol Lupták - Make Offshore Business Great Again

Speakers II

  • Meinhard Benn - Building a blockchain from scratch in 2021
  • Thomas Voegtlin - Lightning Wallets: Fifty shades of custody
  • Henning Diedrich - Oversimplicated. Live demo and code review of the next generation DAO
  • Rachel-Rose O’Leary + Benoit Ferran - The Coming Storm: Crypto’s Anonymous Underground
  • Amin Raffie - Opposing The Privatization Of Knowledge
  • Daniel Hromada - A talk which never took place



  • Jon Durdel - DeFi Workshop
  • Martin Habovštiak - Workshop “Installing Cryptoanarchy Debian repository”

Castle Tour


Do not hesitate to join us on Castle Tour with Yani and Gideon on Saturday at 10:30 am

NFT auction


  • On Saturday 22:00 there will be an NFC auction directed by Theo Goodman of the art created by illustrious 3D artist OrbSeer
  • Following on the art path, the Crypto Castle will have a gallery with art provided by the artist Bythologist

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