Digital privacy workshop for journalists


Pavol Lupták, Nethemba s.r.o.



  1. Presentation Najväčšia hrozba pre digitálne súkromie občanov
  2. Full disk encryption of hard drives (VeraCrypt for Linux, Windows, MacOS) and Android device encryption
  3. Anonymization using Tor Browser for Linux, MacOS X, Windows
  4. GlobaLeaks opensource leaking platform
  5. SecureDrop opensource whistleblower submission system

  6. Securing of emails (Thunderbird, Enigmail and PGP for Linux, Windows, MacOS)
  7. Securing of instant communication (Signal for Android, IoS)
  8. Enabling 2FA (Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn)
  9. Shamir Secret Sharing Scheme (online, offline), hidden volumes
  10. Presentation High time for Smartphone Privacy

Contents - links

  1. Secure Password Manager (B-Folders for Android, Linux, Windows, MacOS X, KeePassX for Linux, MacOS X, Windows)
  2. Firefox & Chrome with HTTPS Everywhere, Privacy Badger, NOScript, Click & Clean for Linux, MacOS X, Windows

Contents - extra bonus (financial freedom)

  1. Presentation Bitcoin
  2. Presentation Achieving financial freedom using cryptocurrencies
  3. Presentation Introduction to truly anonymous cryptocurrency Monero
  4. Installation of cryptocurrency wallets (Electrum, Monero, Mycelium, JAXX)

Digital Privacy workshop for journalists

By Pavol Luptak

Digital Privacy workshop for journalists

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