Evolution of sharing economy



Let me introduce myself

  • Cryptoanarchist and voluntaryist focused on technology and society hacking
  • Co-organizer of the biggest cryptoanarchistic conference Parallel Polis in Prague ( www.hcpp.cz )
  • Co-founder of Bratislava and Prague's hackerspaces
  • Member of Czech contemporary artistic group Ztohoven
  • Owner of IT security ethical hacking company Nethemba & contemporary art creation company Satori

Rise of sharing economy

  • Uber, Airbnb, Lyft, Bla Bla Car are just a few of them
  • It significantly reduces transactions costs
  • It allows to re-use still unused / dead resources in order to achieve Pareto optimality
  • All expenses related to mutual contracts and their enforcement can be delegated to the trusted and reputable provider

Multi-purpose "sharing economy" application

  • Usability of sharing economy applications is crucial for a massive proliferation of sharing economies
  • In the following years, we should expect a universal sharing application allowing anyone to provide almost any services to anyone
  • If a decentralization, end-to-end encryption and anonymous crypto-currencies are used, the government will lose the possibility to shut down the given service, intervene to the mutual contracts and enforce a taxation


  • We can see a lot of anti-Uber and anti-Airbnb demonstrations around the world
  • Governments enforce a lot of regulations often leading to complete ban of sharing economy services
  • Decentralization can help to avoid all government regulations
  • Arcade.city - "decentralized Uber" based on Bitcoin blockchain, now successfully running in USA
  • The first implementation of decentralized marketplace OpenBazaar is running on TESTNET


  • Imposing high taxation to services of sharing economy may lead to bigger acceptance of cryptocurrencies, especially true anonymous currencies like Zerocash, Cloakcoin, Zerocoin that cannot be tracked / monitored by 3rd parties
  • Reputation (fundamental for any business) is achievable even in a completely anonymous system
  • Tor or I2P anonymization networks in a combination with OpenBazaar may introduce a bullet-proof concept  that cannot be shut-down or regulated

Anonymous decentralized anti-government insurance

  • Avoiding tax duties (thanks to decentralization and anonymity) will be still a criminal act
  • There will be an economical incentive / strong demand for an insurance that will protect sellers / buyers and help them to delegate the risk to 3rd party
  • Starting and running the anonymous decentralized anti-government insurance company with a good reputation without the government's possibility to shut-down or its regulations, is technically FEASIBLE

The future is bright, the future is decentralized

  • Sharing economy will be omnipresent
  • More government regulations mean technological movement to decentralization and anonymization
  • The time when crypto technologies make victimless crimes obsolete is just coming
  • The government's fight with sharing economy cannot be won, the sharing economy market cannot be technically regulated or prohibited
  • Many innocent people will be sacrificed

Evolution of sharing economy

By Pavol Luptak

Evolution of sharing economy

Evolution of sharing economies

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