Frank Braun & Smuggler 

True crypto-anarchists referring to the original cypherpunk tradition

  • Firstly met them in London approx 10 years ago at the 2nd world's Bitcoin conference organized by Amir Taaki

  • They introduced me to Paul Rosenberg, a famous liberty thinker, the author of "A Lodging of Wayfaring Men" and "The Breaking Down"

  • Founders of TAZ (Temporary Autonomous Zones) in
  • The authors of Scrit (truly anonymous voucher system)
  • The authors of Mute protocol, high-latency anonymous encrypted communication
  • Founders and regular speakers of
    Cypherpunk Bitstream Podcast - recommend to listen all podcasts if you want to be more involved in a cypherpunk community & technology

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Frank Braun & Smuggler

By Pavol Luptak

Frank Braun & Smuggler

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