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Cryptoanarchist era before HCPP

  • 2011 the first Bitcoin conference in Prague organized by Mitchell Bourne (Amir Taaki, Rickard Falkvinge, Vladimir Marchenko)
  • 2012 the second Bitcoin conference in London organized by Amir Taaki (Richard Stallman, Jaromil, Birgitta Jonsdottir, Tony Gallippi, Mike Hearn, Cody Wilson, Mihai Alisie, Frank Braun, Smuggler, Juraj Bednár, Pavol Lupták)
  • 2013 9th of September - Vitalik Buterin in Progressbar/Bratislava
  • 2013 UNsystem Bitcoin Conference in Progressbar / Bratislava organized by Pavol Lupták and Amir Taaki (Cody R Wilson, Marek "slush" Palatinus, Mihai Alisie, Mike Gogulski, Pavol Rusnak, Peter Surda, Smuggler, Frank Braun, Joerg Platzer)

Ztohoven visits Progressbar in Bratislava


Birth of Paralelni Polis - the first HCPP14!

  • in 2014 a "disobedient child" of Ztohoven (Czech contemporary art group) and cryptoanarchists from Progressbar was born.
  • embracing the original ideas of Czech dissident Václav Benda of the need of Parallel society (Paralelní Polis) with cryptoanarchist approach described by Timothy C May (Cryptoanarchist Manifesto)
  • the celebration of the Paralelni Polis birth with the first HCPP14! (speakers Josef Šíma, Stick, Joerg Platzer, Smuggler, Frank Braun, Marek "slush" Palatinus, Wireless Warrior, Juraj Bednár and much more)

HCPP15 - Blackout!

Lyn Ulbricht reading the handwritten letter from her son

HCPP16 - Decentralized!

Cryptoanarchist Manifesto's author Timothy C May 

Core HCPP key speakers

We love


HCPP17 - Liberate!

focused on financial freedom


Real digital privacy starts with protecting your financial transactions. Leaving no traces. Making impossible to see or intervene your voluntary economic interactions. With the rise of anonymous cryptocurrencies, for the first time in our human history, we can do a global business and stay anonymous.
Anonymous prediction markets, anonymous anti-government insurance, anonymous crowdfunded whistleblowing, decentralized cryptomarkets, anonymous perfect corruption - all these crypto technologies will undermine the current authoritative systems.
And make the significant change. Silently. With no violence or politicians. It's time. Liberate yourself!

HCPP17 topics

  • Truly anonymous cryptocurrencies
  • Libertarianism / anarchy
  • ICOs, decentralized crowdfunding
  • Cryptoanarchy / liberation / smart contracts / blockchain / anonymous insurance
  • Security hacking
  • Crypto implementations
  • Fintech, finance, policy
  • Biohacking
  • Law
  • Unschooling
  • Sex, Fashion, Society

3 discussion panels

All of them will be streamed to the Institute of Cryptoanarchy:


On Friday:  ICOs (Pablo Coirolo, Nicolai Oster, Tone Vays, Alena Vránová)


On Saturday:  The future of money (Oldřich Dědek, Aleš Michl, ​ Jakub Jedlinský, Jan Hubík)


On Sunday: Impact of cryptoanarchy and decentralization to our future (Frank Braun, Jim Bell, Smuggler, Amir Taaki, Joerg Platzer)


Fashion STL


Some cool releases

  • the first iOS Monero Wallet (X Wallet)
  • the first Monero Crypto Puzzle!

HCPP17 collector coins

  • Dedicated to Ross Ulbricht, the innocent victim
  • With the Bitcoin logo
  • With Paralelni Polis / Institute of Cryptoanarchy logo

NFC Litecoin cards for all visitors

HCPP17 channels

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/instituteofcryptoanarchy

Twitter: https://twitter.com/InstituteCrypto


IRC chat:

server: agora.anarplex.net:14716, IRC channel #hcpp17


Matrix chat: 

matrix.org room #hcpp17

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web app: https://riot.im/app )

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HCPP17 Opening

By Pavol Luptak

HCPP17 Opening

HCPP17 Opening

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