Welcome in Prague, Paralelní Polis!

The most difficult and complex congress in our history

  • A lot of uncertainty, non-deterministic pandemic regulations, but we are still lucky this weekend - the full lockdown with max 10 people for indoor events is introduced from the next Monday
  • Due to the pandemic, we sold less than half of regular tickets we sold last years, but the online tickets  and our sponsors save us
  • We technologically upgraded our congress to the completely new level:
    • the new website
    • the e-shop with the new BtcPayServer and the even ticketing service
    • complex online streaming

We are entirely online!

  • Despite the fact, we love and appreciate a unique atmosphere of a physical HCPP event for our close community, due to the economic reasons we had to switch online.
  • Without selling online tickets, we probably would not survive.
  • We have four online streams:
    • Studio 1 (physical)
    • Institute of Cryptoanarchy (remote talks)
    • Paperhub (Personal Sovereignty Workshops)
    • HCPP.TV (24 hours nonstop live show reporting from HCPP20)
  • All regular speakers have full access to online streaming (if you have not received your invitation yet, register yourself at Hopin and ask hcpp@paralelnipolis.cz for your invitation link)


  • Completely decentralized non-stop online live streaming made by more than 30 Bitcoin/crypto influencers in the world
  • Public channel available at YouTube
  • Check https://hcpp.tv for more information and schedule

We do the live streaming for the first time!

Please pardon any technical problems;

we will do the best.

Personal Sovereignty Workshops

  • From basics to advanced, more than 16 lectures and workshops are designed to gradually add layers of defence to your private and digital life
  • Covering topics like Getting Started With HCPP Badges, Secure Your Computer, My Top 30 Sovereignty Apps, Browse Privately Using Firefox, Decentralize Yourself And Avoid Digital Totalitarian Control, Set Up Your Own Censorship Resistant Chatroom, Build Your Own Bleskomat Lightning ATM, How To Earn And Live Bitcoin, How To Use A Decentralized Bitcoin Exchange, How To Use Bitcoin Wallets, Using Hardware Wallets for Bitcoin, Build Your Own Hardware Wallet, Set Up Multisig Wallet for Bitcoin (2-of-3), Applied Bitcoin Privacy, Using Lightning network

Movie premiere

  • Libertas (Friday 20:00 Studio 1)

    • The premiere of the film about the Czechoslovakian crypto community
  • El Caracol - The Snail (Sunday 19:00 Studio 1)

    • The premiere of the documentary which explores the emancipation of the local population through the Zapatista movement, one of the most successful, yet unheard about anarchist movements in modern history. A truly life-altering conversation.

Auction of Aaron Swartz gold coin!






Come on Saturday at 20:00 to Studio 1 and prepare your crypto wallet!

The tension between the old and known, and the new and unknown increases. The third revolution of production is unleashing its power into an unstable and unsettled world.

Metaphors, narratives, concepts, and explanations change – and fail to grasp what is ahead of us.

Information is power, and software – its embodiment – eats the world. While some cling to the ideas and ways of the overcome age, the new is still too fresh to fully embrace.

The old guard is building a prison of bits and bytes, drones, cameras, databases and hostile AI.

Their goal: To cement the old structures of power for eternity while the masses continue to blissfully consume their selves. That may not happen.

It is up to us to chart the new waters, draw the maps, tell the stories, and build the tools that will shape our future for lifetimes to come.

Our time is now. Ready or not, the digital totality is upon us.

Enjoy the HCPP20 congress!


This year it will be legendary.

HCPP20 opening presentation

By Pavol Luptak

HCPP20 opening presentation

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