After one year, welcome in Paralelní Polis again!

Cypherpunk  is more important than any time before:

it's evident we are moving into a crypto-totalitarian society


  • Despite the EU collapsing into energy and economic disaster, they are killing free trade and cryptocurrencies
  • Crypto people are leaving the EU for Dubai or Latin America
  • Governments want to have full control over crypto
  • Cryptoanarchy is more viable and important in these times than anytime before

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Hardcore cryptoanarchy

Paul Rosenberger, Amir Taaki, Rachel Rose, El Sirion, Smuggler, Mario Havel, Juraj Bednar, Seth for Privacy, Jarrad Hope, Lea Petrasova, Maxim Orlovsky, Amin Rafee, Exiled Surfer...

Science and AI

Miroslav Barta, Pavel Simon, Filip Dvorak, Tomas Sebek, ...

IT Security & Hardware

Phil Zimmerman, Mitch Altman, Jindrich Karasek, ...


Radim Kozub, Alexandra Moxin, Vladimir Vencalek, Don Herres


Special workshop zone

  • Badge Clinic
  • Fediminit

DO NOT miss our panel discussion!

  • Bitcoin vs Normies in Suits
  • Bitcoin & Human rights: How you code can save the world
  • Lunarpunk & Solarpunk

This HCPP22 will be Lunarpunk:

Lunarpunk vs SolarPunk

Not everyone sees cryptocurrencies as a powerful liberalizing tool that is unparalleled in our society.


A tool that erodes the authoritarian paradigm of states and creates a new decentralized paradigm where the state no longer has a place.


Solarpunkers accept the status quo of authoritarian society and believe in its improvement.

Lunarpunkers, on the other hand, recognize the need for a new decentralized paradigm that transcends the entire social order.

What prospects await solar and lunar punk in the near future?

Enjoy the HCPP22 congress!

HCPP22 opening presentation

By Pavol Luptak

HCPP22 opening presentation

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