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  • Perpetual traveler using crypto daily, with no permanent /tax residency in the EU
  • Cryptoanarchist & voluntaryist focused on technology and society hacking
  • IT security guy, founder of IT security hacking companies (Nethemba, Hacktrophy) & contemporary art (Satori)
  • Co-founder of Bratislava's and Prague's hackerspaces (Progressbar & Paralelni Polis)
  • Co-organizer of HCPP (ideologist responsible for speakers :-)
  • Member of Czech contemporary anti-government artistic group Ztohoven
  • Responsible for many anti-government & digital privacy projects

Fiat privacy is dead

  • Cash limits in most developed countries
  • Comprehensive reporting:
    • FATCA (more than 113 "signature" countries)
    • CRS (more than 100 "signature" countries)
  • No anonymous payment cards
  • Traditional offshore proxies (nominee director/shareholder) won't help you - the bank always wants to know the beneficiary owner
  • It may be very difficult to open the bank account for companies created in some offshore countries

Financial totality

  • Spying & tracking & blocking of all your transactions
    • Card payment companies, banks, government institutions - all of them can see and track your financial transactions
    • There are many so-called "protective regulations" like KYC, AML leading to "financial totality."
  • Large leaks of CRS/FATCA/KYC/AML databases (by hackers or disgruntled employees) threatening the privacy of all millions of people
  • Risk of seizure of all your assets by the government

The biggest privacy risk for doing business in 2021:


the banks.

Challenge for your business in 2021:


Get rid of the banks!


Real digital privacy starts with protecting your financial transactions.

New digital cash

  • Privacy with a native fungibility:
    • Monero
    • BTC / LTC Lightning
    • L-BTC
  • Privacy with extra additional mixing:
    • Incognito
    • Wasabi 
    • Samourai

How to persuade your customers to pay you in crypto

  • Show them how many other companies already accept crypto ( https://coinmap.org )
  • Explain to them you do not support bank transfers because your highly respect your customer's privacy
  • Help them to change fiat for crypto in the given country
  • Offer them a special discount when they pay you in crypto
  • Tell them fiat is dead; crypto is the future :-)

Yes, it is still possible to buy crypto anonymously

  • Bisq / HodlHodl decentralized crypto exchanges
  • Crypto ATMs in many countries (up to 1000 EUR)
  • Join your local crypto community/crypto trade channels

Customers have to be aware of apparent advantages of using cryptocurrencies


How to pay your suppliers

  • Prefer crypto-friendly ones (you will be surprised how many companies already accept crypto for their services or products)
    • Microsoft, PayPal, Amazon (through purse.io), AXA, Twitch, Namecheap, Destinia (flight tickets, accommodation, car rentals in most countries)
  • If it is not possible, use SEPA/wire crypto gateways (e.g. SimpleCoin.eu, cryptopay.cz, bity.com)
    • Most of them support the registration of offshore companies (with nominee director/shareholder)

With existing crypto-SEPA gateways

  • Up to 300-1000 EUR in an anonymous way
  • Up to 10k EUR with the basic KYC of a physical person (can be a nominee director/shareholder)


Unfortunately, this can be changed in the near future:

  • The EU is planning to:
    • Enforce small cash limits
    • Ban of truly anonymous cryptocurrencies (like Monero) 

 Where to start an offshore company?

  • Usually, it is best to choose a suitable territorial taxation jurisdiction
  • Not using bank accounts allows you more flexibility in choosing a suitable offshore country for your company
  • If you do not work for US customers / do not do business in the US or interact with the US suppliers, then choose a US Wyoming company (can be set up in an anonymous way)
  • Otherwise, choose the Panamanian company or company in any country which has good double tax treaty agreements with the countries where your customers are located

 Requirements of a good offshore company

  • Full territorial taxation (0 % tax for foreign income)
  • No need for yearly tax declaration (in case of foreign income)
  • Minimum or zero expenses for accounting
  • Double tax treaty agreements with the country where you have your customers


  • Strict CFC rules in your home / tax residency country
    • Use proxy (nominee director/shareholder) for your offshore company
      • Never ever open the bank account for this company - the bank wants to know the beneficiary owner that will completely deanonymize your company structure
    • Give up your permanent / tax residency in a tax hell 
      • Obtain a new permanent/tax residency in territorial taxation countries (Paraguay, Panama)

 DAO companies & legal protection

  • Since 1st July 2021 Wyoming state recognizes DAO structures as legal entities
  • Wyoming’s DAO LLC legislation represents the boldest attempt to close the gap between formalized corporate structures and unincorporated groups governed by rules coded in smart contracts
  • Regulators around the world should consider passing equivalent laws in their jurisdictions to ensure legal protection for those developing and participating in DAOs.

The EU is already a tax hell and digital totality

(massive surveillance society)


Think about giving up your permanent residency there.


  • 100% territorial taxation country for physical persons
  • One of the last few countries in the world where is still easy to obtain a permanent residency (without the need of buying an expensive apartment or significant investment)
  • To keep the permanent residency you have to visit Paraguay once per 3 years
  • If you want to have a tax residency in Paraguay only, you should not stay in any other country more than 6 months per year and/or have the center of interests there

Optimum scenario (for the EU citizens)

  • Be 100% crypto-only (no banks accounts at all), prefer anonymous cryptocurrencies
  • Do not have permanent/tax residency in the EU (you cannot be in any country for more than 6 months)
  • Have permanent residency in a territorial taxation country (like Paraguay)
  • Have an offshore company in the US/Wyoming (in case you don't have the US customers/suppliers)
  • Have an offshore company in any country with territorial taxation for companies

Are you a US citizen?

  • Stop being a tax slave:
    • Get citizenship of any other country (you can buy it, check "investment visas" or "golden visas")
    • Give up your US citizenship (remember you have 10 years duty to submit your tax declaration to the IRS)
  • Or move to Puerto Rico (the US territory with special tax benefits for the US citizens)

Make (Crypto) Offshore Business

Great Again!

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Make (Crypto) Offshore Business Great Again!

By Pavol Luptak

Make (Crypto) Offshore Business Great Again!

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