Liberation movement always was/is/will be a minority thing


Democratic system based on the majority of votes cannot provide us more freedom or lead to a more free society

But we have a global Internet community connecting millions of different people with the same taste:


taste for Freedom

Let's connect this community!

Let's use crypto technology & legislation hacks

Achieve new freedom using globality & flexibility

Opt-out of the system!

Robin Hanson
Luis Cuende

Nick Middleton

Reinaldo Escobar Casas

Travin Keith

Ken Schooland

Paul Rosenberg, Smuggler, Joerg Platzer

and much more....

Panel discussions:

  • Crypto Liberation Community

  • Biohack yourself

  • Beyond virtual reality

Lightning talks:

  • Stateless in the Panopticon

  • Double Spending

  • Life and legacy of Aaron Swartz

  • Little Bitcoin

  • Building Tor Onion Services

  • Selling noodles for fun and profit

  • Bitcannery


  • HCPP19 Badge Clinic

  • Electrically conductive fiber

  • Bleskomat: Open Lightning ATM

  • Black Crystal

  • Double Spending: There's app

  • RMX Hardware wallet

  • How to crack a private key

The film:

Project Libertas


Enjoy your HCPP19!



By Pavol Luptak


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