Paul Rosenberg

Paul biography

  • Electrical industry expert (with a lot of publications, see Amazon)

  • Original 90-ties cypherpunk and privacy advocate

  • The founder of Cryptohippie - powerful anonymous VPN and email service

  • The founder of Freeman's Perspective - Parallel Society - highly recommended newsletter

  • Paul is probably the most influential person for Parallel Polis (and together with Frank Braun and Smuggler a regular visitor)

  • The writer of many popular books including "The New Age of Intelligence"

A Lodging of Wayfaring Men

  • Cryptoanarchistic "bible" 
  • Firstly published as an anonymous document
  • Predicted  cryptocurrency (Bitcoin), decentralized market (Openbazaar), anonymous anti-government insurance 

The Breaking Dawn

  • One world dominated by mass surveillance and massive data systems: clean cities and empty minds... where everything is assured and everything is ordered.
  • The other part is abandoned, without services, with limited communications, and shoved fifty years behind the times


Production Versus Plunder

  • Fight between productive people and statists and how defensive vs offensive balance works.
  • By following the central conflict of human history (production versus plunder), the rise and fall of human civilizations become understandable

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Paul Rosenberg

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Paul Rosenberg

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