Threat hunting


Everything you wanted to know about Threat hunting and Threat intelligence and you were afraid to ask

Describe what Threat Hunting means and why it can be helpful for companies?

What kind of information do we need to collect from the customer to do Threat Hunting? Is it a strictly passive phase?

Compared to the traditional incident response and SIEM monitoring many customers already use and have implemented, what is the added value of TH for the customer?

 Can you reveal the identity of real attackers?  


If TH reveals that the customer is under the long-term attack of the high skilled attacker, should the customer contact the police, or can he try to solve this issue by himself only?

What is precisely the “Indicator of Compromise”? How can this information help us?

How is Threat hunting helping us to create multiple hypotheses of a potential incident?

What is the difference between Threat Hunting and Threat Intelligence service?

Threat Hunting seems to be a helpful service. Why should I order it from Nethemba?

Interview about Threat Hunting

By Pavol Luptak

Interview about Threat Hunting

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