The pragmatics of becoming
a junior developer

I'm Ben!



Currently in my first Junior FrontEnd Dev role

at ZHealth Documentation.

demystifyΒ the mystical


Always, at every moment.

think of yourself as a

Identify and destroy your hangups.

don't overcomplicate your work

Write simple & boring javascript

Vanilla code as much as possible.

Make it easy to understand.

go for the simplest solution first

It's clever not to be clever.

be solid

Don't write 'short-term' solutions.


know git

It's not just a tool to 'get things done'

Know javascript

Continually learn JS to become more effective

Read: 'Effective JavaScript' by David Herman

know your ecosystem

Git, JS Libraries/Frameworks, CSS, Node, Build System

Be a generalist!

don't overcomplicate
your learning

don't memorize frameworks,
understand & recognize

growth happens with

time, exposure, & experience

There's nothing 'instant' about this journey.

Thank you!

(Mostly all private work atm)

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Pragmatics of becoming a Jr. Dev

By Ben Michel

Pragmatics of becoming a Jr. Dev

A talk I gave at PDXNode, primarily written for people looking to transition into their first professional role after graduating from a codeschool. πŸŽ“

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