• Parser Combinators in C++

  • Multiplayer Games & Collaborative Editing with Phoenix LiveView

  • Copy of Web and Cloud Computing: Group 13

  • Web and Cloud Computing: Group 13

  • In by Out Again

  • Blocked: Keep track of when hotfixes can be removed

    Lightning talk about the Elixir-library 'blocked'. https://github.com/Qqwy/elixir-blocked

  • Guards, Guards!

  • L-systems as Rose Trees

  • Going Meta with Elixir's

  • An Adventure in Distributed Programming

    Talk given at ElixirConf.EU 2019 (http://www.elixirconf.eu/elixirconfeu2019/wiebe-marten-wijnja).

  • Elm (and Sass)

  • Granular Blockchain (v3)

    A Blockchain System is not one, atomic whole. It is made up of multiple, separatable parts. In 'Granular Blockchain', Marten (Wiebe-Marten Wijnja) of Resilia will take us on a journey along the various major components of most distributed ledger systems, and we will investigate how each of these can be useful and versatile on its own. Presentation for https://www.meetup.com/Learn-Blockchain-Technology-Together/events/255826543/