• TypeCheck - Effortless Type-Checking in Elixir

    TypeCheck is an Elixir library that takes your existing Elixir types + specs and builds runtime type-checks, clear error messages, improved documentation and automated property-based ‘spectests’ on top of them! In this talk, Marten will explain how simple it is to use TypeCheck in your projects and why and when you’d want to. Also, he will give a small peek behind the curtain of the extensive not-so-simple metaprogramming required to make all of this happen ;-). https://github.com/Qqwy/elixir-type_check

  • Parser Combinators in C++

  • Multiplayer Games & Collaborative Editing with Phoenix LiveView

  • Copy of Web and Cloud Computing: Group 13

  • Web and Cloud Computing: Group 13

  • In by Out Again

  • Blocked: Keep track of when hotfixes can be removed

    Lightning talk about the Elixir-library 'blocked'. https://github.com/Qqwy/elixir-blocked

  • Guards, Guards!

  • L-systems as Rose Trees

  • Going Meta with Elixir's

  • An Adventure in Distributed Programming

    Talk given at ElixirConf.EU 2019 (http://www.elixirconf.eu/elixirconfeu2019/wiebe-marten-wijnja).

  • Elm (and Sass)

  • Granular Blockchain (v3)

    A Blockchain System is not one, atomic whole. It is made up of multiple, separatable parts. In 'Granular Blockchain', Marten (Wiebe-Marten Wijnja) of Resilia will take us on a journey along the various major components of most distributed ledger systems, and we will investigate how each of these can be useful and versatile on its own. Presentation for https://www.meetup.com/Learn-Blockchain-Technology-Together/events/255826543/