APEX Talks


10 Obscure yet
Useful Features in APEX

with Scott Spendolini

Optimizing Lazyness

with Martin D'Souza

Speed up Development

with Peter Raganitsch

Little tricks and things you can do to be more efficient around Application BuilderĀ 

APEX Nitro

with Vincent Morneau

Are you using JavaScript and CSS to their full potential? Focus on the code and learn how to use static files within APEX like a boss.


Trace Your Code. All of It.

with Cary Millsap

You should trace all your code. Everything you write. Ever. All of it. Here's why.

IG, IR, Veni Vidi Vici

with Dimitri Gielis

Aria People

with Shakeeb Rahman

How the most popular APEX app within the company was redesigned and the UX decisions behind it.

Yet Another APEX App. Tout la Bombe!

with Joel Kallman


Closing Ceremony

11:15 am

Oaks K-S

The #LetsWreckThisTogether APEX Talks (Kscope17)

By Jorge Rimblas

The #LetsWreckThisTogether APEX Talks (Kscope17)

This is the "Deep Dive" line up for APEX track at Kscope17. Livestream available

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