• Staying Emotionally Healthy During a Pandemic

    A presentation for McMaster University.

  • Parents and Kids

    Parents and Kids

  • Trauma and Healing

    Trauma and Healing

  • Vicarious Trauma and Compassion Fatigue: Pathways of Prevention and Healing

    Pathways of prevention and healing in situations of vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue

  • Cultivating Development for Children and Youth

    Cultivating personal development for children and youth in an age of technological hijacking and upheaval.

  • Neuroplasticity, Recovery, and the Body

    Awakening the Healing Capacities of the Body

  • Educational Renewal

    A workshop on educational renewal and instructor innovation

  • Mindfulness in Education

    A workshop on mindfulness in post-secondary education.

  • Cultivating Resilient and Creative Teams

    A workshop on creating healthy teams.

  • Creativity and Storytelling in Trauma Healing

    A workshop on the therapeutic writing group at Turning Point

  • Personal Development through Mentorship

    A workshop on cultivating personal development through mentorship

  • Cultivating Organizational Health

    A workshop on positive organizational change

  • Creative Approaches to Addictions Recovery

    A presentation on creative approaches to addictions recovery, for the 2017 C2U conference.

  • Mindfulness, Creativity, and Personal Development

    A presentation on mindfulness, creativity, and the path of personal development.

  • Cultivating Emotional Health for Children and Families

    A presentation on cultivating emotional health for children and families

  • Cultivating Creativity for Children and Youth

    A presentation for youth, parents and teachers on cultivating creativity for children and youth.

  • From Trash to Treasure

    A 9/11 Memorial Case Study and Applications of Object Dynamics in Psychological Healing

  • Trauma and the Path of Healing

    Understanding the confluence of trauma, mental illness, and addictions -- and paths of healing.

  • Resilience, Self-Care, and Growth

    Resources and recommendations for personal development

  • Addictions and Pathways of Healing

    A presentation for counsellors and teachers on the evolution of addictions.

  • Storming the Ivory Tower Session 2

    A workshop on positive change in post-secondary education, at Douglas College: session 2

  • Storming the Ivory Tower

    A workshop on positive change in post-secondary education, at Douglas College: session 1

  • Big Problems, Small Wonder

    TEDx Brentwood, 2016