Why are we doing this?

How long is this going to last?

I should check my phone!

The silence is driving me crazy!


(the default mode)

(Encountering mystery)


Cultivating Wonder

(Meandering, gazing, bathing)

The Great Caiman

The Great Rift

The Path of Wonder

Provides pathways to meaning

Helps us ask the big questions

Connects us to ourselves and others

Small Wonders

Meaningless distractions

Diversion from  big questions

Isolation from ourselves and others

Big Problems

(depression, anxiety, isolation)

Big Problems!

(climate change, global conflict, poverty)

(slow, mindful, open, curious)

Authentic Wonder

The Hubble Ultra-Deep Field

Thanks for being here.

Keep searching for wonder.

Ross Laird

(I wrote this in the bath.)

Big Problems, Small Wonder

By Ross Laird

Big Problems, Small Wonder

TEDx Brentwood, 2016

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