How Open Source Can change your life

Santosh Yadav

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If you give 10% to the community, you get 10x in return. Anonymous

Story 1

He worked in a startup for 5 years.

He got good raise every year.

He thought he was the best developer.

He decided to leave startup after 5 years.

He used to think he knows everything in tech.

He started getting rejected from one interview to another.

He realized he was working for his organization.

He never invested in improving his skills apart from his work.

He never got involved with community.

Story 2

He lived in Ukraine and worked hard but couldn't get a good paying job.

He thought of leaving the tech industry after 3 years.

He was disappointed with his career not going anywhere.

A new framework called Angular got released.


Started Reading Source Code

Started Writing Blogs

Response on his first article


He wanted to test success this time


Started his own publication for Angular


Many expert joined his publication as writer


Response within a year


Became GDE and MVP


Speaking at biggest Angular conference


But what about money


He got hired by ag-grid


Founder AngularInDepth now

Stackoverflow top 0.17%

Principal Engineer at @KawaAnalytics

More than 1M views on

Winner of Ukrainian IT awards (IT Education) 2019

What happened to dev from story 1

He started contributing to open source in 2019.

He joined Indepth as writer and published more than 8 blogs in year

He moved into Top 100 contributors for Angular and Top 10 for NgRx.

His blog post reached more than 250k views in a year.

He became GDE for Angular and GitHub Star.

He Spoke at First-ever Angular conference in srilanka.

He started creating and managing open source projects.

Got remote Job in 2020.

But what job search this time


Networking and community 


They started working for the community rather than themselves.

Writing blog posts helped improve their knowledge.

They started improving their skills while helping others.

Helping the community made them stand out from crowd.

But how to get involved with community


Writing blog posts helps in improving the knowledge.

Start working with community, get involved early.

Create online content such as blogs, videos to reach a wide audience.

It's ok to fail, sometimes the failure teach us the most important lesson.

Still What happened to dev from story 1

He is giving this talk right now.


Thank you

Importance of communities in building a successful Tech Career

By Santosh Yadav

Importance of communities in building a successful Tech Career

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