in a time of COVID


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Not a story of perfection

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Not a prescription

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Spring semester

Me riding it out

What did I do?

  • Cut content; acted flexibly & nimbly

  • Slack + PollEverywhere + Google docs/slides

  • Asynchronous short videos & exercises + synchronous discussion & mini lectures

  • Two Courses: discussion + lectures at a liberal arts college (~20 students)

Blurred for anonymity

I love Slack for communication & chats

Easy to and fro!

& accessible 

outside of Zoom!

(I DO NOT use Zoom chat)

Names blacked out for anonymity

Slack is great for teams & work with code

Dev. Econ

  • Cut 3 chapters 
  • 2-3 person  presentations (G-slides)
  • Changed team project to individual reports
  • Split take-home midterm exam into 3 weekly exercises
  • Presentations changed to individual meetings
  • Breakout rooms to discuss Poor Econ


  • Cut 2 topics
  • Cut 1 lab exercise
  • Cut an experiment report
  • Kept team projects, but adjusted expectations
  • Split take-home midterm exam into 4 weekly exercises
  • Breakout rooms for paper discussions & team meetings

Moral burdens & inequality

  • Pressure: Students under incredible pressure
  • New burdens: Sick friends/family; care work, jobs. 
  • Inequality: Consider  your poorer students & your students of color

New things I haven't done

  • Weekly student schedule 
    • Teach your students how to allocate their time if classes are remote/asynchronous
  • Better & more short videos
    • I used lightboard videos & iPad recordings
    • I will be testing green-screen presentations
  • Coach, coach, coach
    • Coach your students on the tech you use

Books I'm reading

How do we get in touch?

Teaching in a Time of COVID

By Simon D. Halliday

Teaching in a Time of COVID

A presentation for UCL's CTaLE TeachEconference, 17-18 June 2020.

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