Web3D 2015 Showcase

It's All Greek To Me!

emcee: Sandy Ressler

emcee: Sandy Ressler

Early History

11-FEB-94 Labyrinth Mark Pesce & Tony Parisi & Peter Kennard
??-MAR-94 Dave Raggett coins the term VRML in paper submitted to WWW1
25-MAY-94 WWW1 - Mark Pesce gives Cyberspace paper on Labyrinth & VRML BOF#1
10-JUN-94 Brian Behlendorf & Mark Pesce set up www-vrml mailing list
XX-AUG-94 SIGGRAPH meeting, followed by voting WebOOGL/Inventor voting
24-OCT-94 W2 VRML 1.0 based on Inventor @@/www-vrml/arch/0458.html
02-NOV-94 VRML 1.0 draft #1 released @@/VRML1.0/vrml10c.html
 5-JAN-95 QvLib released from SGI - Gavin Bell
03-APR-95 SGI, TGS announce Webspace. 13 companies support VRML
10-MAR-95 3D Symposium VRML meeting: Don Brutzman
20-APR-95 VRML FAQ put up - YON was at oki.com
 6-APR-95 VRML repository Dave Nadeau, Jim Moreland www.sdsc.edu/vrml/
26-MAY-95 VRML 1.0 "final draft" features frozen (see vrml10c.html)
27-MAY-95 VRML Arc Gallery - the first tangible collection of VRML.  [
sigh, vrml.arc.org is gone - look for crumbs at Construct.net]
13-JUN-95 Intervista released WorldView, Tony Parisi
 2-AUG-95 WebFX - Paper Software Mike McCue, Greg Scallan, Jim Dunn++
XX-AUG-95 SIGGRAPH 95 VRML course & first demo SIG, VAG announced.
23-AUG-95 VAG1 - layout plan for VRML1.1 & VRML2.0 [photos]
23-OCT-95 VAG2 - VRML 1.1 proposal from SGI blurs into VRML2.0
13-DEC-95 VRML95 - VRML's first conference. Hosted by SDSC.
 4-JAN-96 RFP - Request for Proposals http://www.vrml.org/vag/rfp.html
12-FEB-96 Netscape buys Paper, WebFX becomes Live3D
 6-FEB-96 VAG3 - proposals from SGI, Apple, Microsoft, IBM, GMD & Sun
25-MAR-96 VAG4 - pick MW, schedule drafts to SIGGRAPH (meet with ISO)
18-APR-96 Moving Worlds VRML 2.0 draft #1
 6-AUG-96 SIGGRAPH 96 (VAG5) VRML 2.0 released; VRMLC germinates; Live3d 
12-DEC-96 Last VAG meeting - http://vag.vrml.org/vag/vag6.html
??-DEC-96 VRMLC becomes incorporated - 54 companies paying dues.
??-FEB-97 SGI & Netscape Live3D->CosmoPlayer (Michael Plitkins)
23-FEB-97 VRML97 2nd VRML Conference, elected VRMLC VRB & BoD MEETINGS
 4-APR-97 VRML97 DIS Rikk Carey, Gavin Bell, Chris Marrin!
XX-AUG-97 SIGGRAPH97  VRMLC press release, ...
24-OCT-97 MPEG4 + VRML Ad Hoc meeting.
??-DEC-97 ISO blessing VRML97 - fastest trip thru ISO ever!
...VRML98 here we come.

On with the show!

Our Brave Presentors


  • Johannes Behr - Fraunhoffer - ¬†something amazing
  • Bonita Saunders - NIST, Digital Library of Mathematical Functions
  • Kristian Sons - DFKI
  • Mike McCann - MBARI
  • Nick Polys - Va Tech
  • Felix Hamza-Lup -Armstrong State
  • Hannes Grauler, Fredrik Hilling - Onesbrok
  • Athanasos Malmos - Heriklion¬†
  • Alexander Apollon Rodopoulos - TEI: hanim ragdoll
  • Dirk Tilger - indoorview
  • Alun Evans - Barcelona world race
  • Max Limper - Fraunhofer: open source cad/mesh optimization
  • Stuart Anderson - CSIRO: 3D Insect scan and display
  • Michalis Kamburelis - compositing tech
  • Michele Foti - church reconstruction, cultural heritage
  • Tobias Alexander Franke - Unity export

Web3D Roundup 2015


By Sandy Ressler


Intro material for the Web3D 2015 Showcase in June, in Crete Greece

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