Once  it is downloaded and installed,  you can launch /

open the Zotero application on your computer:

Zotero desktop application:

Example of how to launch the application on a Windows PC

Example of the launched Zotero application on a Macintosh computer

you can NOW sync The zotero
application with your Zotero account:

In the Zotero desktop application, click on the green circular arrow at the top right:

and open your Sync preferences to sign in:

  1. Click on the extensions icon at the top right of your browser:

to PIN the connector:


2. Click on the PIN.

It will turn blue.

Zotero Connector for your browser

You should then see an indication that the Zotero

Connector is installed:  most likely a Z icon.....

but it could also be a page, a folder or a book icon.

You are now ready to save items to your Zotero library.  Start by connecting to a library database (or Google Scholar):

Once you are using library databases or Google Scholar, and viewing SEARCH RESULTS you can save items to you Zotero library by clicking on the the folder/ page/ book / icon 

You can also add citations to your Zotero libraries by dragging PDFs into the appropriate folder. 

Once citations are saved in your library you can create a bibliography:

  1. select the items you want to include
  2. select Create Bibliography from items
  3. select a citation style
  4. copy-paste the citations into your Word document

...OR you can insert citations and a bibliography directly into

documents via your word processing software:


creating & joining a group library:

Create a group  library:

  1. Login to Zotero online: https://zotero.org
  2.  Click on Groups
  3. Click on Create a New Group
  4. Follow the prompts according to your group's needs
  5. Click on Member settings
  6. Under Member invitations, click on "send More Invitations"

Join a group  library:

  1. Find the invitation in your email
  2. Click on the long Zotero link
  3. Login to Zotero
  4.  Click on  the Join button
  5. new folder should now appear under Group Libraries  in your Zotero application once you sync

Zotero library & group libraries in your desktop application:

screen shot of the help page, with headings: Log into Zotero, What is Zotero?, Zotero help

Zotero info on our library web site:

Zotero library worshops:

zotero instructions

By susie breier

zotero instructions

basic instructions to get started on Zotero

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