Zines Workshop Pt. II

GSST 001 Perspectives on Gender and Sexuality Studies 
with Prof. Madalina Meirosu

Lorin Jackson (ljackso1)





class year

major/intended study

Call on someone next who hasn't shared

opening/icebreaker: forced analogies

  • had to use your prior knowledge and work together as a class to build as many connections or similarities as possible
  • objectives became clearer over time
  • use the insights and collaboration of classmates to tell stories
  • bring together disparate things to create a unified story
  • zines can bring together many ideas to tell one complete story from different angles or in different ways
Bloom's Taxonomy & Zines 



Synthesis: Create, write, construct, combine, integrate, conclude, adapt, plan, design

Art & Copyright

  • social media skews copyright
  • considerations when creating a zine:
    • cite if you use image directly
    •  if you alter an image/create a collage/change the image into your own artistic representation, you do not need to cite directly

Art & Copyright








their original work

exactly, giving


not referencing,

but copying,

claiming work

as original

Finding and (Re)Using Digital Images and Media Resource Guide
Accessibility & Problematic Language
  • thinking about how to ensure the zine pages are accessible online/via screen readers
    --> when scanning images/layouts - how can you ensure accessibility?
         - one idea is to create a text only version of the zine and consider creating a narration/audio file to accompany the zine where folks can hear the content 
Accessibility & Problematic Language
  • providing context in writing for problematic language
  • as you use terminology that may be problematic, it is a best practice to provide context for the reader in your zine, similar to content or trigger warnings
Accessibility & Problematic Language
  • What types of problematic language might you need to confront in your zine submission(s)? 
    ​What would be important for your audience to understand regarding the problematic language? 
    What sort of guidance could you provide to support their utilizing of the zine?
What is your zine entry?
Describe in one sentence in the chat.
Intro Statements Examples
Intro Statements Examples
Individual Brainstorm
Take a few minutes to each write silently 2-3 sentences that you think should be a part of the intro to your class zine.
Small Groups
Breakout into small groups. 

Together, try to write 5-8 sentences in a statement as a possible introduction to your class zine.

Add your group names & statement to class Google doc brainstorming document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/19KyWz18Ecb1YOdK4QnDIUFWpdEOjG0mBiKH2BpZ9R6s/edit?usp=sharing
Crafting the Final Statement

How could crafting a final statement work, as a class? 

What could happen next? 

How will you decide together with the support of your professor?
Thank you!

zines workshop -- pt. II

By Swarthmore Reference

zines workshop -- pt. II

GSST 001 Perspectives on Gender and Sexuality Studies with Prof. Madalina Meirosu zines workshop

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