• Shopware - Things You Might NOT Know

    INTERNAL discussion about Shopware6

  • Git workflows and Recommendations

    A Git workshop for Transcosmos Technologic Arts. We discussed about Git Workflows, especially Gitflow, and some best practices in using Git

  • Elasticsearch - What we learned

    Elasticsearch (ES) is not only a Search engine but also is a database that stores, and manages document-oriented and semi-structured data. There’s a bunch of reasons to use but a dozens of reason to avoid as well. I wants to share when we should and should not use it. Besides, I want to show lessons-learned and common mistakes in usage of ES such as Index Strategy, Data Mapping and so on. As a lead developer at NFQ Asia (8BIT Rockstars), his challenge is to build up many strong and confidence development teams. Together, we actualize amazing ideas of Startup companies at ASEAN.

  • How to apply CI/CD into Symfony application (P1)

  • Elasticsearch - What we learned

  • Deployment Process

  • SCRUM - Roles & Events

    The fundamental knowledge about Scrum with its events and Roles in Scrum team

  • eBrand | Git & Migration

    The workshop about getting started with GIT and migration.

  • For Boss

  • SEO & Fundamental of Digital Marketing