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we WILL discuss about

  • Git && Git workflows
  • Some best practices in using Git
  • Recommendations

we WON'T talk about

  • GIT and the others, which one is the best
  • CI / CD
  • EPL, C1, DOTA 2, Counter Strike...

Git Workflows

  • Centralized workflow

  • Feature-branches workflow

  • Gitflow workflow

  • Forking workflow

Here we go!

Centralized workflow

  • Like SVN (Subversion)

  • Using a central repository and single branch

  • For teams transitioning from SVN or Individual

Feature-branches workflow

  • 1 master branch && feature branches

  • Merge pull request

  • For multiple developers to work on a particular feature, and single ENV

Gitflow workflow

  • Many public branches or separated ENV: master, staging, develop, etc…

  • Using feature branches and then merge pull request to a particular

  • Using release branches

  • For multiple developers to work on a multiple ENV

Forking workflow

  • Like Github - Open-source contribution

  • Using over two remote repositories

    • 1 official repository

    • N developer repositories

Best Practices

  • Naming
  • Reset / Checkout
  • Merge vs. Rebase

Merge vs. Rebase


  • Create “merge commit”
  • Non-destructive operation

Merge vs. Rebase


  • Alternative to merging This moves the entire current branch to begin on the tip of the target branch
  • Re-write the history

Merge vs. Rebase

The Golden Rule of Rebasing


Never use Rebase on public branches


  • Commit Often, Using WIP message or Stash
  • Write Good Commit Messages
  • NEVER just git commit directly to master or public branches
  • Don’t let secrets leak into source code
  • Using Gitignore (


It's time to move forward


Tri D. Tran


Git workflows and Recommendations

By Tri Tran

Git workflows and Recommendations

A Git workshop for Transcosmos Technologic Arts. We discussed about Git Workflows, especially Gitflow, and some best practices in using Git

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