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Tri Tran

Dec 2018 @ SILKWIRES


Part 1

about me


Tri Tran

(Trần Đăng Trí)


Senior Technical Architect

.NFQ Asia


Co-Founder & Technical Lead



I'm very happy if you call me Mụp


we WILL discuss about

  • Kick-off a Symfony application
  • Docker containerized application
    What's it?

  • Continuous Integration with Bitbucket pipelines

we WON'T talk about

  • Symfony and the others, which one is the best
  • Bitbucket pipelines and other CI tools, which one is the best
  • AFF cup 2018, DOTA 2, Counter Strike...

Kick-off a Symfony app

  • Create your First Page in Symfony
  • Service Dependencies & Autowiring
  • Using PHPUnit to implement UnitTest

Here we go!

Docker containerized application?

  • What's it?
  • Lifecycle of Docker Container
  • DockerHub


CI with Bitbucket pipelines

  • Check Coding Standard
  • Execute automation tests
  • Branch Workflows
  • Best practices

It's time to move forward


Tri D. Tran


How to apply CI/CD into Symfony application (P1)

By Tri Tran

How to apply CI/CD into Symfony application (P1)

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