• a story of restaurants

    A story about opening a restaurant portrayed as a Shiba Inu

  • Terraforming with AWS

  • Product Manufacturing with Hats

  • Responsive Multitext Design

    Everything you wanted to know about text and CSS

  • Dynamic Dropdown Megamenus

    Building responsive dropdown megamenus for dynamic use cases

  • How to succeed at your First Job

    And deliver value on day one!

  • Making a Tech Podcast 101

    How to make a Tech Podcast for Software Development

  • SVG - Everything you should know

    Things you should know about SVG as a Developer and/or Designer

  • Fullstack GraphQL NodeJS React

    An overview of GraphQL NodeJS with a movie quote app

  • Level Up with Hackathons

    How you can level up your career via hackathons

  • Built On Air‚ÄčAirtable

    CRM and Plugins I wrote for Airtable

  • Twilio Clarifai App

    Using SMS as an image recognition tool

  • Comparing SVG, Canvas, WebGL, and CSS

    What each of these are, and how they work

  • Vanishing Points with Canvas

    Creating a 3D renderer using art vanishing points and HTML Canvas

  • Userscripts with Tampermonkey

    Utilizing javascript injections with tampermonkey to customize any page you want locally