Making a Tech Podcast 101

About Me

  • Fullstack Developer at a webagency
  • 1.5 years exp+
  • From Orlando
  • Loves the outdoors

Reasons for podcasting!

  • Fun and rewarding (cohost, guests, listeners)
  • Learning by teaching
  • Proof of knowledge 


  • Fill in knowledge gaps
  • Interesting, varied conversation to listener



(for each speaker preferably)

Sound Hardware?

Sound Software?

Post Production, Equalization, Compression

Sound Recording

Screensharing, natural conversation, preplanning

Other Software

Logos, raw mp3 assets, shownotes

Pre planning communication

Freelancers for sound assets, logos, etc

Sound Intro/Outro

  • <Example>
  • Different Styles (ASMR, High Energy, 3rd person, etc)
  • <30 seconds long
  • Theme
  • Free Media Commons License / can use these assets


Static Site Generators w/ RSS feed

(alternatives - Jekyl, Vuepress, Wordpress, etc)


Audio Hosting - 15 mB compressed for 20min

Free Hosting

(Add a custom domain name too)

Paid all in one solution, no work needed
(Cost $$$, can only customize so much)

PreWriting - Shownotes

Podcast Platforms

  • Spotify
  • Apple 
  • Google Play Music
  • Google Podcasts
  • Pocketcasts
  • Stitcher
  • RSS Feeds XML (directly to spotify, apple)

Lessons Learned

  • Take more shownotes than needed
  • If two hosts, the same person should do intro
  • Uhms and mouth breathing
  • Write shownotes at least 1 day before recording
  • Do as a weekly habit
  • Do one take
  • Talk about topic 20 mins before to warmup
  • Make it fun!


  • RSS Feed System
  • Refine Audio Player
  • S3 Bucket Config
  • Marketing


Making a Tech Podcast 101

By Vincent Tang

Making a Tech Podcast 101

How to make a Tech Podcast for Software Development

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