Twilio Clarifai App

Text an image to
415 - 886 - 4244


from flask import Flask, request
from twilio.twiml.messaging_response import MessagingResponse

from tags import get_relevant_tags

app = Flask(__name__)

# should show an html file with "OK!" on the page
def index():
    return 'I AM WORKING YAY!'

# Route to await a POST hook from twilio
@app.route('/sms', methods=['POST'])
def sms_reply():
    # Create a MessagingResponse object to generate TwiML.
    resp = MessagingResponse()

    # See if the number of images in the text message is greater than zero.
    if request.form['NumMedia'] != '0':

        # Grab the image URL from the request body.
        image_url = request.form['MediaUrl0']
        relevant_tags = get_relevant_tags(image_url)
        resp.message('Please send an image.')

    return str(resp)

if __name__ == '__main__':

Future Features

  • Store data into a sqlite instance for tagging
  • Store data assets into an S3 bucket
  • Frontend to show all images phone # has received


Far down the line features

  • Send three pictures >> run through ffmpeg to create a gif
  • Image >> cinematograph

Twilio Clarifai App

By Vincent Tang

Twilio Clarifai App

Using SMS as an image recognition tool

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