How to succeed at your First Job

(and deliver value on day one!)

About Me

- 2 years experience in Production Apps, React/Vue/Angular

- From Orlando, FL
- Podcast Cohost @CodeChefs

DOs and DON'Ts

DO -

Learn what drives the business

Software solves business needs!

DO -

Understand Team Dynamics

  • Project Manager / Scrum Master
  • Product Expert
  • Lead Developer
  • Database Developer
  • Backend Developer

DO -

Understand the codebase

  • What does each repo do?
  • Are the README's up to date?
  • Read through old Pull Requests (PRs)

DO -

Learn basic Git

# Basic Installation
git clone
npm install
npm run dev
# Create your local branch and commit code, PR in github
git checkout -B feature/footer
git add .
git commit -m "New Styles On Footer"
git push origin master
# Keeping your branch up to date against development
git pull origin development

DO -


  • Letting them know your afk or lunch
  • Find out any blockers during core hours
  • Find out deadlines if not provided any
  • Screenshot / gif your work
  • Make your boss's job easier!

DO -

Personal Organization

  • Bookmarks!
  • Code Snippets
  • Folders for your work documents
  • Update your resume at least every few months
  • Keep logs of how long it takes for you to do tasks

DO -

Learn to Solve Problems

  • Console.logs always work
  • Know when to use a library
  • Use Docs, Github issues, and stackoverflow¬†
  • Performance matters when you work with a lot of data


  • Don't think you know everything
  • Don't assume, always ask
  • Don't not follow standards
  • Don't stop Learning
  • Don't overengineer or Overabstract

How to succeed at your First Job

By Vincent Tang

How to succeed at your First Job

And deliver value on day one!

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