• WordPress Adelaide - March Meetup

    Housekeeping and BG Slides

  • Taxonomies & Terms

  • WordPress Adelaide - Feb Meetup

    Housekeeping and BG Slides

  • WordPress Adelaide - November Meetup

    Housekeeping and BG Slides

  • Wordpress Adelaide - Performance & Hosting

  • WordPress Adelaide - October Meetup

    Housekeeping and BG Slides

  • Supercharge your marketing with Contact Forms - WordPress Adelaide

    You might think that having customers email or call you directly is good, but really it you could be doing more by using contact forms!

  • Getting to know Yoast SEO - WordPress Adelaide

    A quick introduction to Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress

  • WC() and you: A guide for developers

    An Introduction to the main WooCommerce class and its friends.

  • Introduction to WooCommerce - WordPress Adelaide

    Turn your blog into a store with this great plugin

  • Page Builders for developers - WordPress Adelaide

    For too long it's been Developers vs Page Builders - things have changed, find out how your dev skills and page builders can compliment each other to create awesome experiences for your clients!

  • WIP! WordPress and Modern PHP - WordPress Adelaide

    or 'Welcome to 2014 I'll be your guide'

  • WordPress 5.2 and You - WordPress Adelaide

    Meet the new features introduced in WordPress 5.2 'Jaco'.

  • Security Plugins and choosing the right one - WordPress Adelaide

    A look at 3 popular security plugins, and some advice on how to choose between them based on the personal experiences of the presenter. Presented in April 2019, results may vary over time!

  • Moving WordPress, a look under the hood - WordPress Adelaide

    WordPress Adelaide Style Deck

  • Gutenberg theme building tips for developers - WordPress Adelaide

    Quick look into some of the things we can do to better style the editor and control gutenberg

  • WordPress in 2019 - WordPress Adelaide

    A look at what's ahead, and how to stay on track.

  • Presentation Template - WordPress Adelaide

    Fill in a description here!

  • WordPress 101 - WordPress Adelaide

    A brief introduction to WordPress for people who are new to the CMS. Designed to accompany the WordPress 101 presentation given at WordPress Adelaide meetups.