Why Umbraco? Myth Busters!

Umbraco Poland Festival, Cracow 2016


Marcin Zajkowski

Co-Owner & Lead Developer @ SICC

Team, Technology & Knowledge Wizard (CKO, CIO) / PedagoGEEK @ WOW School

CMS Market

  • ~200 different systems (Wiki: http://bit.ly/cms-lis)
  • Free, Open Source
  • Commercial, closed-source, payed
  • "Custom"


Business Owners
(Sellers & Customers)


What if we don't know how Umbraco tastes?

Myth #1

Umbraco is open-source, so everyone can hack it


In most cases, the servers being hacked, not software.

Stealing passwords from users e-mails is also considered as hacking :)


Myth #2

You can create websites without programming knowledge with other CMS

But, should we?

Available Starter Kits

  • Blogging platform
  • Local Goverment website
  • E-commerce site
  • Gallery / portfolio website
  • Cross-platform mobile app
  • Real Estate agent website
  • ...

Other helpers & options

  • Plugins / Packages (in all CMS, free & commercial)
  • Community help
  • CMS != Click + Maintain + Settle (& Forget :))

Myth #3

There is less .NET developers than e.g. PHP ones

We can only base on estimations

  • Zend's estimate about PHP: 5M (late 2015)
  • Xamarin's estimate about C#: 8M (late 2014)

Let's check it!

How many PHP developers are in the room? :)

Polish job offers search

  • PHP: 316 offers
  • C#: 615 offers

Searched in one of the most popular job offers portal in Poland (pracuj.pl).

LinkedIn profiles (Worldwide)

  • PHP: 2 464 545
  • C#: 2 172 859

LinkedIn profiles (Poland)

  • PHP: 30 161
  • C#: 24 935

We're still talking about DEVELOPERS.

And there are developers and 'developers'.

How many great developers (eighter C# or PHP) you know?

Myth #4

Umbraco is developed & shipped by Microsoft

Microsoft love Umbraco,
run Umbraco
(asp.net, microsoft.com), trying to help Umbraco...

...but it's NOT their product.

Myth #5

.NET hosting is more expensive than PHP

Yes, it is. But...

Myth #6

"The Upgrade Myth"



Myth #7

Sitecore is an enterprise solution whereas Umbraco is suited to small-medium sized businesses

"Why Umbraco" statement

"Umbraco is a fully-featured open source content management system with the flexibility to run anything from small campaign or brochure sites right through to complex applications for Fortune 500's and some of the largest media sites in the world."

Sitecore has it...

Time vs. Money

Time == Money

Myth #8

Development in Umbraco is too expensive

It depends.

Myth #9

Support is lacking

Did you hear about Mike Sadowski (Brand24)?

Umbraco Unicorns

Umbraco CMS army of people willing to help you everytime, with everything and everywhere. They live on OUR, Twitter, SO and other lands. Be aware of Unicorns. Be Unicorn for other poeple.

Myth #10

Umbraco is complex, it's not so popular, I won't get a job with skills in it.

It's happening now. Here.

So, how to convert those conclusions into benefits? 

  • Don't stop learning
  • Use (even squeeze from) opportunities like todays fest!
  • Hire wisely
  • Balance between passion & hard skills
  • "Takich trzech jak nas dwóch to nie ma ani jednego"
  • Don't fight with haters, just do your job

Thank you!

Let's bust some other myths :)

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Why Umbraco? Myth Busters!

By Marcin Zajkowski

Why Umbraco? Myth Busters!

This talk will aim to give you a range of perspectives on what Umbraco can offer, bust any pre-conceived ideas and showcase the string of benefits for all involved. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6a2xzm_XO4

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