Angular 2, Beyond the DOM

by Austin McDaniel

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Angular2 is a



for building great form, components,etc in the DOM

The DOM is awesome but...


I'm not saying this is a GREAT idea but something to explore...

But why??

Same problems, different framework

  • Click & Touch Event Binding
  • Window Resize Events
  • Keyboard Binding
  • Life-cycle events ( Init/Destory/etc )
  • Animations
  • Styling
  • Workflow Builds ( Webpack )
  • Event Subscribing
  • Dataflow

the list goes on....

WebGL is way more intense too...

  • WebVR / Head Tracking
  • Audio is almost always present
  • Voice in some cases
  • Shaders/Vectors/etc

Code & Demo


There are some downsides...

Such as: DOM Rendering and Updating overhead even though you aren't doing anything with it...

Other notable projects

Thanks for listening!

Github: @amcdnl

Twitter: @amcdnl

Angular2 - Beyond the DOM (v1)

By Austin McDaniel

Angular2 - Beyond the DOM (v1)

Angular2 is a great framework for build components and controls. But what if you could take it beyond the DOM, into a mystical land of WebGL and VR. I explore what that world could look like in this presentation and demo.

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