Angular, Beyond the DOM

by Austin McDaniel

About Me...

Austin McDaniel

Chief Architect At Swimlane


Github: @amcdnl

Twitter: @amcdnl

One framework to rule them all!

What are we doing today?

  • Web
  • Mobile Native
  • Desktop Native
  • Server-side

We've come a long way...

The next evolution...

Taming the wild west of VR/AR...

Different Story,

same challenges...

  • Interaction Events: Click, Keyboard, Touch
  • View port Events: Window resize
  • Life cycle hooks: init, render, destroy
  • Animations
  • Dataflow

And even more

new challenges...

  • Desktop / Mobile VR
  • Head Tracking
  • Gestures
  • Voice Recognition for Input
  • Shaders (C)

Light at the end of the tunnel...

    sound="src: url(sound.mp3)"
    sound__beep="src: url(beep.mp3)"
    sound__boop="src: url(boop.mp3)"

Wait, is that Angular?What if it could be?

Enter custom renderers!

      *ngFor="let ball of balls"
      [positionY]="ball * 5"
      [positionX]="ball * 5"

Steroscopy is the magic behind VR

Steroscopy dates back to 1838 which predates photography!

Simple, just apply a filter to your webgl!


What's next?

  • Better in-memory rendering?

  • VR First?

  • Native Compilation?

Angular - Beyond the DOM (v2)

By Austin McDaniel

Angular - Beyond the DOM (v2)

Angular2 is a great framework for build components and controls. But what if you could take it beyond the DOM, into a mystical land of WebGL and VR. I explore what that world could look like in this presentation and demo.

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