Audience 2.0

Unit 7

UX 101

User experience (UX) focuses on having a deep understanding of users, what they need, what they value, their business goals and objectives, their abilities, and also their limitations


UX 101

  • Who is your user?
  • How will they want to use your site?
  • Think about the entirety of the user's experience and interaction with your product, material, etc.

UX 101

"If people don’t enjoy their experience with what you design, then the product/service wasn’t successful. Bad user experience can ruin a brand/company, or lose customers."

This can apply to your self presentation and self-branding too!

How to Present Yourself Professionally Online

  • When applying for jobs, have one profile picture, and the same full name across all platforms
  • Keep all your information up to date
  • If you are applying somewhere that wants you to be covering their social media, improve your twitter, tumblr, etc.

Presented by..

The CCPA & the OAR 

Presentation tips, strategies, Do's/Don'ts

Resume/cover letter writing, LinkedIn/Networking, present yourself professionally online

Audience 2.0

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Audience 2.0

Seventh Unit.

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