Project Management

Unit 3

The Bank Heist

So... We're talking about Project Management....


Let's plan a bank heist!


What planning needs to go into robbing Bryn Mawr Trust down the street?

Robbing Bryn Mawr Trust

  • What resources do you need?
  • What will your timeline look like?
  • How will your planning allow you to execute the perfect heist?

But seriously... Project Management is Important!

And actually very simple, it just uses common sense!

How do I project manage?

  • You don't necessarily need a fancy tool just use the tools you have available to you to track changes and be able to manage your project in schedule, budget and personnel as well as needed/wanted outcomes. 
  • Can be as simple as pen and paper for making a schedule and as simple as using Gmail for communicating with your project team

What resources do you use to plan out projects/research?

Here are few we have used:

Paper To-Do!

A helpful tool to organize complex projects:

  • Scheduling/planning needed tasks all in one place, including tasks that are dependent on other tasks (i.e. dependencies). 

  • Helps you come up with a project timeline and time needed for each task before even starting the project

Budgeting your Time


Budgeting, Literally

Budgets need to be planned from the beginning of the project. Expenses of all resources (both personnel and equipment) need to be calculated.

This calculated total budget is called a cost baseline and is what you will try to stick to throughout the life of your project. 

Let's start planning your Projects!

Let's take a look at QMH

  • What do you like about the site?
  • What needs to be added?
  • What intrigues you and is a project you would like to pursue in relation to QMH?

Section 2: Making your own Gantt Chart

  • Identify essential tasks and lengths of tasks
  • Identify task relationships i.e. can the tasks be done at the same time or is one task dependent on another
  • Input your data into a Gantt chart using Excel, Gantt Chart software or simple pen and paper

Gantt Chart Exercise

Task Start Date Duration End Date
Initial Meeting 9/8/15 1 9/8/15
Familiarize with Collection/Data 9/8/15 7 9/15/15
Create Database of Information for Website 9/15/15 14 9/29/15
Take tutorials to develop needed skills for project 9/20/15 28 10/18/15

A Little Video We Made... ;)


Project Management

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Project Management

Third Unit.

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