Steven Layne, Lejia Duan, Lauren Fan, Joshua Shi, Jason Yuan, and Tatiana Dalton



What: an app that can identify fonts the user encounters as they move through the world

Who: made for graphic designers and casual font lovers who notice the fonts around them & want to learn more

How: a Shazam-esque setup that links user-taken photos of the real world with a database about fonts and their uses

  1. Font identification
  2. Fonts in context
  3. Fonts near you

​+ favorites & history


in​itial design

Camera home screen

Font identification

See this font in context


“Explore” fonts near you accessible from end of previous flow or from homepage


Early Prototype


u​ser testing

Users frequently got “stuck” and could not figure out how to return to earlier pages/steps in the identification process


Users expressed confusion and disinterest in location-based font browsing, wanted more about which fonts were being used where & why


Users wanted to be able to search the font database using colloquial and cultural examples like “coca cola font” or “cards against humanity font”

second iteration

Three modes: ​identify, explore, your library

  • Increased ease of navigation between all three


Redesigned explore page to include search bar, "trending" and "popular" search categories, and more visual thumbnails


Added error message:

  • Necessary should app be unable to identify font correctly, opportunity to engage users in community-based voting system


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