Apigee Apps

Developers or Companies can have apps to access API's from an Organization.

Apps can be grouped in "App Families".

Developer apps cannot be shared with other developers.

All developers of a company have access to all apps of that company.


Single developer with multiple apps.


Is the only one with access to the apps of the developer.


Group of developers and apps.


All apps are accessible by developers of that company.


Both have the ability to group apps in app families

Implications on security when allowing external hired personel to access all company apps.

Less flexibility on access management on company apps

What if...

Company developers can be managed by app family or app?

More flexibility in company developer management, easier to manage access for external hired personel.

Developer to Company App Conversion

State of Apigee Edge Module

API First

Content Model

  • No more importing of API.
  • Additional API method documentation.
  • Documentation
  • Tutorials
  • Examples
  • News
  • FAQ
  • Forum


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