Continuous Delivery System

Deployment Dashboard

Core Problem

  • Organizations follows CI and CD processes that differ across teams
  • Manual interventions are involved making deployment error prone
  • Multiple versions/releases of a product runs at different stages, such as development, e2e testing, acceptance testing, staging, client-side deployment, produ
  • Manual interventions do not reflect the latest state a product is in to other stakeholders
  • Consolidating current state of a product running at different stages in diverged geographical location is cumbersome when done manually
  • Different Configuration for same project. Keep track the previous builds and configurations.
  • multiple project can have multiple builds in different server.


  • A web-based deployment dashboard that provides:
  • A continuous  delivery platform
  • A consolidated view of the different stages a product is currently in.
  • Dashboard that can display running stage in CI tool (Jenkins).
  • Interactive and simple UI for user to manage builds with knowing anything about the CI and CD tool.
  • User must be able to provide configuration for the project using the application.


  • Devops/operations team follow a standard fully automated deployment process
  • Management uses the deployment dashboard  to make business predictions and decisions  based on current state of different products of the organizationm
  • Technical teams track the states of a product and plan delivery
  • On site teams track the states of a product and plan client-side testing and deployment to production
  • Clients have a single view to track progress of their products


Deployment Dashboard

By Shekhar Rajak

Deployment Dashboard

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