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When evaluating ease of use in a test report, various criteria must be considered. A modern look and feel is definitely worth mentioning. We work with very valuable graphics, so browsing the Woo Casino website will definitely be a pleasure. In addition, the provider boasts a fast response time. So long wait times are inappropriate here, even if, of course, your own Internet connection is always important. What is still not fully worked out is the structure of the various menus, woo casino australia is site works compared to its competitors, is a bit cluttered and has too many features here and there. So navigating through the different areas is not always easy, although this structure should also be understandable after a short familiarization phase. A bit of a shame: the additional search function is currently unavailable. Nevertheless, the various filtering functions can still be praised, since searching for different events is definitely made easier.


Woo Casino - on any device, just check

A novelty: sports betting customers will always find several mini-games on the right edge of the screen, which can be played while waiting for the game to start or just for fun. In addition, Woo Casino informs you of other products at any time, which can then be recalled with a click. Click is also a good keyword for another useful feature, namely quick betting. If this option is selected, the bid can be selected and placed with a single click.
In our experience, not only can you bet on sports at the provider using your computer, but you can also bet on the go. Specifically, there are two Woo Casino apps available for this purpose, which customers can download for free. It takes a few seconds to download, then installation is done automatically by the end device. Users of Apple iOS devices can easily go to the app store and download the mobile app here. If you want to access the portfolio with an Android device, you need to do a little workaround via an external source. However, this does not entail any disadvantages or delays.


Conclusion: Woo Casino has a really interesting repertoire.

The basic look of Woo Casino can still be described as successful because, for example, you can always make free deposits and withdrawals. In addition, the support team makes a good impression and can be contacted via live chat or email. However, no real criticisms of the offer could be found. There is certainly room for improvement in the menu structure, but there are no real shortcomings. On the whole our conclusion is very positive, especially since there are no signs of fraud or other criminal activity.


By aaronca