Scaling UI


"How can you scale UI components across multiple codebases and teams?"

Design systems

Style Guides

Component libraries

Too Big, too Scary!


So what is "Space Kit"

Space Kit =

Monorepo +
Storybook +

NPM repo

Living style guide

for components


One codebase, multiple packages

Shared dependencies


Manages the Monorepo

Links cross dependencies

Changelogs, versioning and releases to NPM


Interactive UI components
React, React Native, Vue, Angular



Internal NPM Nexus repo


NPM Scoped Packages

A year in review...

Easy to install

Consistent UI

Visual/living previews

Fast bootstrapping

The Good

Adds complexity

Updating components takes longer

Tend to design for the future not now

The not so Good

Scaling UI


Scaling UI with Space Kit

By Aaron Vanston

Scaling UI with Space Kit

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