Leadership Summit

Singapore | Jan 2016 | Abhiram Ravikumar

Sessions I attended

  • Kickoff Plenary
  • Personal Leadership
  • Story telling
  • Campus Campaign track
    • Planning - Day 1¬†
    • Campaign stories
    • Planning - Day 2
  • Host an awesome hackathon
  • Connected Devices - projects



Mark Surman, Executive Director - Mozilla Foundation

Credits: Abhiram

Personal storytelling

Brainstorm, Write & Share"

Personal Leadership

Credits: Participation Team, Mozilla

Campus Campaign

George, Participation Team - Mozilla

Credits: Abhiram

Goals - CC

Credits: Abhiram


Connected Devices

  • Updates and planning
  • IoT Workshop

Connected Devices Projects

Checkout the summary and projects here

Credits: Dietrich

Run an awesome hackathon!

Session was conducted by Emma

  • Planning
  • Conduct
  • Curating bugs before hand
  • Mentor support

Emma, Participation Team - Mozilla

Credits: Abhiram

We did have fun! =)

Credits: Christos

Mozilla Leadership Summit

By Abhiram Ravikumar

Mozilla Leadership Summit

A quick sneak peak into what I learnt at Mozilla Leadership Summit, 2016 at Singapore!

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