It's like DevOps, but your security team is a lot happier

Who am I?

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The Plan

(likely going to be abandoned about 5 minutes in)

  • Summary
  • Why not agile security
  • Integrating security controls
  • Improving ops and response

Security and Devops

aka why is this so hard


The undefinable morass


  • Security teams don't like surprises
  • They might have more cross-functional concerns
  • Involve them early and often
    • InfoSec will have their own planning to do

Keep InfoSec informed


  • Use development tooling to improve security
  • Enforce security standards just like you do code standards
  • Track your dependencies!

Make the most of tooling


  • Enforce effective key and secret management during development!
  • Use tools like git-secrets and gitleaks
  • Provide developers with managed infrastructure

Make the most of tooling

This took less than a minute to find!


  • This is the first time to stop vulnerabilities
  • Ensure there are processes for emergencies!
    • Also a good opportunity for auditing/recording

First line of defence


  • Always control and communicate package reach and status
  • Effectively track code changes and package versions
    • Particularly dependency changes!
    • This will with improving testing outcomes and incident response 
  • DLP and release gating can help with enforcing boundaries

First chance to f*** it up


  • Release automation increases product risk
  • Prepare for the worst case
    • Sign anything you can
    • Never release without the ability to hotfix
    • Dogfood if possible
  • Define clear streams and conditions

The big one


The best code can't save you here

Packaged Products

  • Sensible defaults vs secure defaults
  • No such thing as fast enough
  • Use configuration to encourage best practices

(UN)Managed Services

  • Document clear plans and comms for security
  • No such thing as fast enough!
  • Test your management infrastructure as well as your app infrastructure


Metrics aren't just for performance


  • Log everything!
  • Infrastructure should be monitored as well as apps
  • Prioritize admin and auth
  • Always baseline metrics
  • Attackers will mess with logging!


  • Inform InfoSec early!
  • Always have clear contacts, processes and protocols
  • Inform InfoSec early!
  • Remember legal obligations
  • Inform InfoSec early!


  • Trust your security team!
    • They will have existing response plans and processes
    • Provide as much detail as you can
    • Ensure the right people are available and aware
  • Security incidents aren't always like other ops incidents!
    • Need-to-know information 
    • Legal obligations
    • Access to relevant events, logs and sensitive data

"Well, that's definitely bad"


  • Treat security incidents like other ops incidents
    • RCA
    • Retrospective
    • Process improvements
    • Specific remediation controls
  • Use lessons to improve product design

Learn from incidents


Is it hard? Yes

Will it improve how you deliver software? Yes

or is it SecDevOps? DevOpsSec?

Alistair Chapman


(essentially everywhere)

DevSecOps: like DevOps without the annoyed security team

By agc93

DevSecOps: like DevOps without the annoyed security team

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