September 2018

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Samples Demo Wednesday, Sep 19th @ 1:00pm Video Conference Room
Aquatics Demo Wednesday, Sep 19th @ 4:00pm B1 Conference Room
TCC Demo Thursday, Sep 20th @ 3:00pm Video Conference Room

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17 Tickets

Modules Affected

  • Aquatics

  • Cytometry

  • Library Services - Publications

  • Media Prep

  • Microscopy

  • Molecular Biology - NGS

  • Molecular Biology - CVT

  • Purchasing

  • Scientific Projects

Deployment 9/7

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Scientific Projects Cleanup Status

12 of 28 labs/departments cleaned up

Hooray for Krumlauf, Hawley, Genomics, Jaspersen, Molecular Biology, Cytometry, Halfmann, Microscopy, Reptile & Aquatics, TC/MP/EM & Hist., Rohner, LASF

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Sample Management Demo

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September 2018 SAUCE: LIMS

By akoebbe

September 2018 SAUCE: LIMS

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