10 ArcGIS Developer Tools and Techniques

You Didn't Know You Needed

Allan Laframboise

1. ArcGIS for Developers

Productivity tools & resources

2. ArcGIS Account

What can I do?

3. Link Accounts

Swap Between Accounts

4. Moving Content

Move Items Between Accounts

5. Authenticated Services

Manage apps and

authenticate services

  1. Create an app
  2. Create service proxy
  3. Use proxy url in app

6. Authenticate Layers

Load Authenticated Layers

  1. Load layer into Map Viewer
  2. Copy, Save Layer (styles)
  3. Get layer url
  4. Add a new item (from web) + authenticate + share
  5. Replace url in original layer
  6. Load layer by item

6. Load Webmaps

Load portal items and JSON

7. Load Layers

Load layers from portal items

8. Styling with JSON

Style popups and renderers

9. REST Services

Access REST API directly

  1. Create an AppID
  2. Generate a token
  3. Build URL params
  4. Make HTTP request


ArcGIS REST Doc and DevLabs

10. Search

Final Notes

  • Account
  • ArcGIS for Developers
  • ArcGIS Online
  • Authentication
  • JSON
  • REST


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ArcGIS Developer Tools and Techniques

By alaframboise

ArcGIS Developer Tools and Techniques

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